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New Publication: Strategy building processes in lagging regions

2022-03-08 12:24 by Sina REDLICH, Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)

This publication shows good examples of spatial strategies from the involved partner regions of the Pilot Action “A future for lagging regions” and highlights their success factors to be considered when developing strategies.

The pilot action “A future for lagging regions” aims to foster the effective implementation of spatial strategies to address challenges such as service provision and digitisation in sparsely populated and structurally weak areas.

The pilot action’s partnership of six local and regional entities as well as national and European organisations therefore chose to focus on the topic of strategy development for its second partner meeting: What is strategy development good for and how can strategies effectively promote integrated spatial development?

A dialogue on the experiences made in strategy development (objectives, barriers, experiences) took place between all partners of the pilot action. They discussed how to best use strategy development as a tool to define and to visualise common objectives for ongoing and future challenges. Strategy development can be a binding element to steer difficult local discussion and decision-finding processes.

The publication shows good examples of regional and national strategies from the involved partner areas and highlights their success factors that should be considered when developing strategies:

  • Strategies should empower local actors and support bottom-up structures
  • Strategies should encourage inter-municipal partnerships and lead to integrated working structures
  • Strategies should include experimental clauses and allow for innovation

Download: Strategy building processes in lagging regions

For their next partnership meeting in April 2022, the focus will be on the digital transition of lagging regions.

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“Third Spaces” meeting point / community event in the state of Voralberg
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(Impression of the historic centre of Tribsees)
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