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Conference Announcement: Territorial Impact Assessment

2023-11-23 13:59 by Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning - Slovenia

Introduction of territorial impact assessment in Slovenia and different approaches to assessment in cross-border areas

Thursday, 30 November 2023 / City Museum, Gosposka ulica 15, Ljubljana

Experience in Slovenia and abroad shows that development policies at different levels are often poorly aligned with long-term strategic spatial development goals and objectives. There is a need for integrated and coherent spatial governance, which requires enhanced dialogue between stakeholders and thus more open and coherent policymaking and implementation at all levels of governance.

The Territorial Agenda 2030, with its vision of a sustainable future for all places and people, highlights the need to understand and integrate the diverse needs of territories into policymaking. Territorial Impact Assessments can also contribute to this. The Territorial Agenda pilot action on how policies shape spatial imbalances in cross-border areas tested the approach of territorial impact assessments in different pilot areas and designed a manual. Activities to develop and implement Territorial Impact Assessments are also supported by the European Commission. The Committee of the Regions uses Territorial Impact Assessment to formulate opinions on EU legislative acts, supported by the assessment toolkit developed by ESPON.

How are we approaching the introduction of territorial impact assessment in Slovenia? What are the good practices in other European countries and how to approach the territorial impact assessment in a cross-border context?

These are the questions we will address at the conference TERRITORIAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning on 30 November 2023 in Ljubljana.

The aim of the conference is to increase knowledge and awareness of the importance of territorial impact assessments and to present possible methodological approaches for impact assessment to ministries, municipalities, regional agencies, spatial planners, and the wider professional public.

You are cordially invited!

The event is organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning and is free of charge. It will be held in Slovenian and English with simultaneous interpretation.

Here is the link for Registration.

And here you could find the agenda: Territorial Impact Assessment Ljubljana 30112023_Invitation_agenda (002).._

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