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New Publication: Digital transformation in lagging regions

2022-07-17 19:15 by Sina Redlich, Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)

This publication shows how digital transformation offers opportunities for inter-municipal cooperation and collaboration with civil society and other regional stakeholders. It also presents examples from the involved partner regions of the Pilot Action “A future for lagging regions” on how they tackle digitalisation.

The digital transformation is a process that offers great opportunities for the development of rural and structurally weaker areas. It can contribute to increase the attractiveness of places to settle, work and live in. At the third partner meeting of the pilot action ‘a future for lagging regions’, digitalisation was discussed based on expert contributions and practical experiences from the partnership. This publication highlights the conclusions of the discussion.

  • Digital transformation promotes community building
  • Digital transformation promotes organisational cooperation
  • Digital transformation can promote equal access to public services

The publications also lists preconditions for a regional digital transformation, highlights differences between rural and urban digitalisation, and differentiates between the role of regions and municipalities in setting the right strategy and managing digital transformation.

Digitalisation may not be a game changer, but it can help rural regions to remain attractive. Fundamental to the successful digital transformation of rural regions are resources and skills. Public authorities, decision-makers, civil society, businesses and other stakeholders must be empowered to use digital tools effectively. The application of digital tools requires strategy and goal setting as well as cooperation.

Download:  Digital transformation in lagging regions

For the next partnership meeting in September 2022, the focus will be on mobility in lagging regions.

Find out more about the Pilot Action:

Digitalisation concepts for rural areas © Region Grand Est

The mayors from the inter-municipal cooperation in Lienzer Talboden © Markus Mayr

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