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Final Report: Small Places Matter

2023-06-20 08:23 by Dr Irene McMaster, University of Strathclyde


The final report for the pilot action “Small Places Matter” is now available. 


The pilot action’s work focuses on the vital role of small towns and villages in the development of integrated territorial development processes and in strengthening cooperation between territories. Key to the pilot action is identifying ways to link the valuable insights and momentum that come from bottom-up initiatives and top-down planning processes.

This publication is a result of the pilot action work. The publication focuses on how small places can be, and are, enabled to capitalise on their role and potential. There are numerous policies, initiatives, handbooks, toolkits, guidance, and assessments to inspire and guide stakeholders and policymakers on development in small places. The array of options, opportunities, requirements, and models rely on capacity, engagement, and application by small places. However, small places experience operational and capacity constraints and challenges, limiting their scope to engage and take up opportunities.



Click here to read the report.



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