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Digitalization – hope for citizens in vulnerable places

2021-10-12 16:23 by Markéta Marečková, Ministry of Regional Development of Czechia

Workshop at #EURegionsWeek

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Nowadays digitalization plays a crucial role in delivering the public services. The Territorial Agenda 2030 declares Digitalization and the 4th industrial revolution as a field where further action is needed. The main goal of workshop organized on 13 October 2021 at #EURegionsWeek by the Ministry of the Regional Development of the Czech Republic is to show the best practices how digitalization can help to improve citizens‘ life in vulnerable regions and city areas.

The selected area of the Czech Republic to be presented are the north-east region ‘Jesenicko’ and the city of Bílina (Ustecky Region, RE:START Region). These places are defined as an Economic and Social Vulnerable Territory in the Regional Development Strategy 21+ of the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the meeting in accordance with the aims of the Territorial agenda 2030 is to activate a debate about the inspirational and innovative approaches to the development of digitalization within the regions and cities.
Specific examples will be presented:

  • Pilot project 5G Bílina – project: Citizens safety in public places
  • National Telemedicine Centre in Olomouc
  • Cross-border project – cooperation of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic and Poland

The session will be divided into two parts: the presentation of best practice examples from the territory and a city and an interactive panel discussion with the possibility for participants to express their point of view.

Time: Wednesday, October 13 October | 2021 14:30 – 18:00
Languages: EN
Organisers: Ministry of Regional Development of Czechia (MoRD) and University Hospital Olomouc and Medical Faculty of Palacky University

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