The aim of the Territorial Agenda

The aim of the Territorial Agenda is to strengthen territorial cohesion in Europe. This means ensuring a future for all places, by enabling equal opportunities for citizens and enterprises, wherever they are located. Territorial cohesion reinforces solidarity and reduces inequalities between better‐off places and those with less prosperous future perspectives. This is to the benefit of Europe as a whole and for each individual country.


To do so, the Territorial Agenda provides strategic orientations for spatial planning and for strengthening the territorial dimension of all relevant policies at all governance levels. This way, it seeks to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable future for all places and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Europe.


To achieve this, the Territorial Agenda provides a framework for action towards territorial cohesion. Actions must be based on (i) a common understanding that development needs and impacts of future developments differ between places (cities and regions) in Europe; and (ii) cooperation between places, policy sectors and groups of society to address complex issues and utilise diverse potential.